Saturday, April 20, 2013


ALRIGHT. Since I'm on the metaphorical roll, I might as well continue descriptions of another aspect of my highly fascinating life.


My 'new' job (that I have now been in for over 3 months).
I realize that my last last post was written the day before I started this job, and everything I wrote in said post was actually pretty close to the truth.
I arrived at the office (I work in an office now. I never thought I'd work in an office), which is in Ellerslie, which means I've gotta leave home at approx 6:30am to drive, catch a bus and a train.
Anyway, I arrive at the office. I wasn't the only person starting that day - far from it.
Pretty much my whole department started the same day as I did.

Now, I arrive, and discover that there is no senior photographer. After discovering all my worst fears were true, I melted a little on the inside, and made many a frantic phone call to my dad to help me set up the photography studio and what not.
But now, three months on, it's not so bad. Pretty stressful, and different, and even though getting up at 6:30am and arriving home at 6:30pm is both mentally and physically draining - its not so bad.

I like what I DO there.

If you want to see/pick holes in my photography work, you can check out posties web page and look though the products. I can't say all the work is mine - because a lot of the previous photographers work is still up - but lets just presume all the best work is mine :p

The page that I linked to 'posties' is one of my favourites that I did.

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