Saturday, April 20, 2013


ALRIGHT. Since I'm on the metaphorical roll, I might as well continue descriptions of another aspect of my highly fascinating life.


My 'new' job (that I have now been in for over 3 months).
I realize that my last last post was written the day before I started this job, and everything I wrote in said post was actually pretty close to the truth.
I arrived at the office (I work in an office now. I never thought I'd work in an office), which is in Ellerslie, which means I've gotta leave home at approx 6:30am to drive, catch a bus and a train.
Anyway, I arrive at the office. I wasn't the only person starting that day - far from it.
Pretty much my whole department started the same day as I did.

Now, I arrive, and discover that there is no senior photographer. After discovering all my worst fears were true, I melted a little on the inside, and made many a frantic phone call to my dad to help me set up the photography studio and what not.
But now, three months on, it's not so bad. Pretty stressful, and different, and even though getting up at 6:30am and arriving home at 6:30pm is both mentally and physically draining - its not so bad.

I like what I DO there.

If you want to see/pick holes in my photography work, you can check out posties web page and look though the products. I can't say all the work is mine - because a lot of the previous photographers work is still up - but lets just presume all the best work is mine :p

The page that I linked to 'posties' is one of my favourites that I did.

Like riding a bike

I guess you could say I haven't written in a while. Just a little while.
I'm kind of nervous to be typing again - but I'm assuming (hoping) that getting back into blogging is much like riding a bike.

Although, when you think about it, getting back on a bike is ACTUALLY friggen scary if there's been a long bikeless section of your life.
Last time I went for a bike ride I had that saying in my head. I mean, how hard can it be?
It started out great, kind of. After a few tries I managed to sit on it without toppling sideways.
I set out, wishing for training wheels, and rode a good hundred meters down the (very long) driveway, and stopped to congratulate myself on my sheer brilliance of making it to far.

Unfortunately for me, I forgot the most important rule of bike riding, and didn't put my feet on the ground to keep myself up. Because of this ridiculous brain lapse, the bike and I promptly fell sideways into an electric fence and got fried.
What makes it worse is that when I did manage to free myself from the tangle of wires, I was on the other side of the fence, with some lovely cows, and could see my parents and extended family practically rolling on the ground in fits of laughter.

I don't think that writing a flop of a blog post can result in electrocution, but you never know these days.

As I say every single time, I really have alot to fill you in on. My lifes pretty much not my life, not as YOU readers knew it anyway.
I'm in my new job, I have a new car, IM GOING TO AUSTRALIA, my fish died, I bought a ridiculously cool nail polish... Family came over from England... I watched a live model photoshoot....

This is the nail polish. Its friggen cool.
It's like those cars that change colour when they drive past.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Photographer & Designer

So apparently I am now a Junior Web photographer and Graphic Designer.


I got the job from SEEK, thanks to my dad for finding it. It's for Postie, the women's clothing company I was already working for as a sales assistant. I applied thinking I wasn't really even going to get considered for the job, because honestly, I'm not that fantastic  - I know, I know, you all love me. I know, I'm totally amazing, thanks... Yeah, I know, I'm the best. Geez guys! If you keep flattering me I'll get big headed.

But I did get the job (after an interview).

Although, I'm hoping they (and by "they" I mean my employers at Postie) have employed a bloody good Senior Photographer or Designer to coach me along. I handed in two completely 100% brilliant application documents when I was going through interviews. I have been repetitively told how amazing they we're and how impressed everyone was by them .... I am not trying to toot my own horn here, as much as it sounds like it, I'm just trying to explain the reasons behind the niggling worry I have.

And by niggling worry I mean gnawing anxiety. Or biting fear.
Or shredding-my-insides-to-pieces horror.

From listening to 'them' talk, it SOUNDS like they think I'm a great deal better than I am. Or have a GREAT deal more experience than I do. It sounds like there is no Senior Someone to nudge me in the right direction, and it sounds like they are going to get a gigantic slap in the face from Mr Disappointment when they remember that I AM A JUNIOR!!!!!!

My inner self will be shaking from head to toe and stuttering on every second word tomorrow, waiting for when I have to say 'okay, so which of you will be helping me?'.
Or more like; 'ok-kay. Um. Well, you see... Uhh... Which of you... I mean, which one of you will be uhh... m-my... P{APOSfdghinl,;g'ytrsa OH MY GOD SOMEONE SAVE ME. '

At which point I will run screaming from the building, and promptly get fired.

I wonder if I will have my own desk.

Hair chalk

Alriiight, so, there's one hundred and twenty things for me to write about on here, so naturally, HAIR CHALK is top of the list.

It's importance level is above;

- My three year anniversary with Tib.
- Christmas.
- New Years.
- My birthday.
- My new job.
- My new car.
- Life in general.

Hair chalk is an amazing creation that lets your hair be ANY COLOUR YOU WANT temporarily. Oh sweetness we are so lucky that this wonderful invention is in our world that I might just break down and bawl my eyes out.
It's literally chalk for hair. Now, I know what you're thinking - is it actually any different to normal chalk?

Probably not.

I could probably go out and buy a box of chalk from the Warehouse for five dollars, and walk around with a rainbow on my head. Although, normal chalk is usually pastel colours (and not to get confused here, I don't mean pastels themselves. I mean pastel coloured chalk. Not chalk pastels, or pastel chalk. If that even exists).
My hair chalk is bright pink, and SO IS MY HAIR.
Only problem is that is gets on my face if I don't use hair spray. And hair spray makes my hair feel like I've got a bale of hay sticking out my follicles.

The pink one in the pic below is the EXACT one that I use. I got mine from 'shampoo N things', but that shop probably doesn't exist in other countries. So just google it guys.